About us

The Washing Machine, a London based theatre and performance collective, are interested in the narrative of narrative; how yesterday’s stories become today’s. Whether revisiting the concepts of a prominent play, or building a story around something socially unspoken or unheard, our emphasis is on creating new works - captivating theatrical and performative pieces that encourage new thinking.


Leo Ashizawa is an actor, writer and a producer. 

He has performed in various theatre performances, TVs and films

His creative passion is shedding a light to people, things or matters that can be ignorantly neglected or cannot be seen. 

Tania Batzoglou is a theatre practitioner, drama and movement therapist and an educator. 

Between Greece, UK, Berlin, her extensive experience in acting, performing, and performance making varies from classical plays, devised, immersive promenade performances, live art to commissioned work for the V&A museum, TATE modern, Hampton Court Palace, British Museum, NHS. Alongside The Washing Machine, she collaborates with Vanio Papadelli for CANDID Project.

Carlo Cenciarelli is a film music theorist and sound designer.

He studied composition in Italy and musicology in London, and now teaches music and audiovisual media at Cardiff University. His theoretical and creative work is characterised by an interest in how small (sometimes tiny) changing details in what we hear can affect our sense of self and our understanding of reality.

Susie Fairbrother trained at London International School of Performing Arts.

Theatre includes: 'Familiy Histories' (Bush Theatre); 'Antigone' (Riverside Studios and Cyprus International Festival of Ancient Greek Theatre); 'Medusa' (SHUNT); 'In the Wake Of' (Rich Mix); 'Trilogy' (BAC and Barbican); 'Kiss the Shadow' (Soho Theatre). 

Susie also writes and devises her own work. 

Colin Legge is a writer and visual artist.

Alongside script-writing and devising performance, Colin writes short stories, and has recently completed his first novel. His writing centres around the friction between humankind and its environment. Colin's practice is based in London where he lives on a narrowboat - a nomadic lifestyle that informs his practice. 

Valentina Pakou is a theatre practitioner and workshop leader with an extensive background in movement.

Having worked in Russia, Greece, Italy, Austria and UK, the body of her work covers all aspects from classical plays, physical and musical theatre to devised and immersive peformance. She is the newest member of The Washing Machine and you can find her @valentina.pakou on Instagram. Spotlight CV